For those of you who have seen an ArtSpot show, you know that live, original music is a priority for us.  And for those of you who have heard Kathy Randels sing, you know that we are blessed with a true master.  So, after more than a decade of productions, we decided that it was time to package some of our original music onto one compilation.  Working with Mark Bingham and Shawn Hall at Piety Street Studios, we spent several months recording, mixing and mastering almost twenty tracks (a few didn't make the final cut).  We brought in many of the musicians and cast members from the original productions, and also invited some friends and ringers who were rock-stars in their own right..

You can find the disc and the tracks at all the usual online locations, including Spotify, iTunes and Amazon, but if you'd like a physical copy with included eight-page, full-color booklet, please consider supporting our favorite local record shop!


ArtSpot Productions: I Know This to Be True

Original Music
from 15 Years of
ArtSpot performances

with guest appearances by
Tom McDermott, Michaela Harrison,
Jeanne Jaubert, Harry Anderson,
Roscoe Reddix, Maurice Turner,
Helen Gillet, Courtney Bryan,
Zack Smith, Harry Hardin,
Panorama Jazz Band,
Chloe & Leah Smith

and more!


Graphic designer Denny Juge was his usual patient self, primarily featuring the work of longtime photographer Libby Nevinger in his awesome final result.  Check out an online flipbook version of the insert booklet by clicking on this image: