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May 17, 2005

Lisa Shattuck: Motherge
Theater artist/mother Lisa Shattuck and 84 proud collaborators found time between explaining sex and death and re-filling sippy cups to explore the mothering instinct. Motherge, the theatrical result of their exploration, defines this powerful instinct creatively and reveals what you can do with it. Lisa appeared in ArtSpot's The Maid of Orléans: A Joan of Arc Story.

Millicent Johnnie: Testamoments
Currently teaching at Tulane University, Millicent Johnnie moved to Louisiana in 2003 after touring as Rehearsal Director and Resident Choreographer of the Urban Bush Women. Her works have been presented at Lincoln Center (NYC) and the Kennedy Center (Washington D.C.). She was nominated for Dance Magazine's prestigious "Best Performer" award in 2000. Testamoments is a contemporary work danced to an untitled piece by Shirley Caesar that explores the balance between spiritual guidance and social justice and how each coexists within the other.

Michael Merino: The Quick Brown Fox Jumped over the Lazy Dogs
Michael Merino returns to the New Orleans stage after a ten-year hiatus. Over the past two years, Michael has been a member of the Woolly Mammoth Theatre’s Playwrights Playground in Washington, DC. His play Artist and Protector of Children: The Life of Henry Darger will be Woolly Mammoth’s entry in the Page to Stage festival at the Kennedy Center this fall. Michael will present scenes extracted from The Quick Brown Fox Jumped over the Lazy Dogs, a recently completed long one-act inspired by the texts of Saussure, Jakobson, and Chomsky. Addressing language, meaning, message and messenger, the work is infused with absurdist musings from Lewis Carroll, Donald Rumsfeld, and George Bush, and illustrates how—in this age of global telecommunications and a barrage of media outlets—nothing is actually being said.

Jean Ann Douglass: I Said to B
Jean Ann Douglass is graduating in May 2005 from Tulane University with a BFA in Dance and Theatre. She received the Garrick Berringer Award for her performance as Mephisto in Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights as well as the Milton Latter Award. She is a member of Tsunami Dance Company, and has trained with the SITI Company and interned with The Wooster Group . Her choreographic debut, I Said to B, is a collaborative dance-theatre piece that utilizes dancers, actors and water! Collaging texts together from numerous sources, the piece encompasses loss, love, community, and pop music.

Maritza Mercado-Narcisse Courtney Bryan Valentine Pierce
Stephanie McKee Students at the Center

June 30, 2005


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